If we can think it, we can build it. We work across four areas of expertise to ensure lasting success for our clients, taking care of the entire process. From planning the project, concretizing the brand experience design, and manufacturing the overall interior, to executing the project and leaving the client with a spatial design ready to meet its users – we do it all. From the first idea to the very last details.


We start every process by framing the concept, listening to the client’s needs and desires while simultaneously challenging the project scope. In this phase we stay open-minded, discovering new aspects and analyzing the design brief. It’s a phase where we and our clients together outline the path we expect to pursue.

Brand experience design

Now it’s time to get more concrete and to visualize the project, enabling the client to make inspired decisions. Typically, we use mood boards and design palettes as key elements in this phase, getting ready to develop design objects and interiors that add aesthetic value to spaces and lasting experience for users.


At De Arch, we follow our first design thoughts all the way to the manufactured interior design, whether for a shop, an office or a residential project. We have our own workshop area and talented craftsmen in our team, so if you can think it, we can build it.


We’ve got your back. We stand right next to you all the way from the first sketches until you’re ready to welcome guests into your shop, office, hotel or house. Finalizing projects means a lot to us – by uniting designers, architects and our team of craftsmen, we’re securing memorable spatial designs.


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