We know what we’re doing. Through the last 20 years, our studio has been transforming interiors for interesting brands.

Every day we strive to challenge our clients. That's why we view ourselves as spatial designers never leaving a space behind without impressive traces and question marks. Each space has to be able to speak for itself; it has to convey your brand as an experience that lasts, makes your clients curious, and sometimes even changes them. 

As a full-service design and architecture studio, we rethink spatial solutions, plan them, and then execute the actual interior design. We focus on details and we attack each brief with an attitude to planning, brand experience design, manufacturing, and execution that leaves our clients with a bespoke solution. From the design of a stunning store design, spatial solutions for commercial businesses to the design and manufacture of the best chair. In hospitality, in commercial projects, in office buildings, or in radical interior solutions for ambitious residential projects. 

Industrial coolness and challenging spatial conceptions

We walk the talk. Since moving into a former school of crafts, we have experienced how transforming a space with its own history demands both daring solutions and a respectful approach to spatial design. In a large raw industrial building with room for differences and an impressive convex ceiling of rafter construction, we manufacture our designs simultaneously using the massive interior as an inspirational space for our excellent designers, architects, branding experts, administrative staff, and craftsmen. 


For our retail clients, we come up with interior designs that can be used in one shop or a hundred – transforming each space with respect for its existing atmosphere and construction while keeping the overall brand experience aligned. When we’re doing architectural, commercial projects, in office buildings, or radical interior solutions for ambitious residential projects, we transform the interiors by rethinking the existing spaces and adding modern materials and bold spatial ideas. Whatever we do, we do it in close cooperation with our ambitious clients.

Our studio consists of different spatial experiences in terms of size, colour and expression, leaving room for creative office spaces, an inspiring and comprehensive materials lab, an impressive workshop area for developing prototypes, a storage area and even a space where our De Arch staff start the day with CrossFit training. Challenging our bodies and minds goes hand in hand with our ability to propose daring designs to our clients. Our studio is situated in Vejle, Denmark but we undertake projects all over the world. 

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