Store Concept, Copenhagen


The Scandinavian countries are famous for their weather. Unfortunately, this often means grey and rainy days. But this brand has transformed something negative into something cool and fashionable. Now people are longing for rainy days because it gives them a chance to wear the hot clothing designs, from raincoats to various simple bags, all made from high-quality materials that keep the rain out but have a classical and contemporary look. The Rains designs come in a wide spectrum of colours, but the main ones are a warm grey and a happy yellow. These two colours inspired our transformation of this historical building into a contemporary flagship store. We used shades of grey on the walls, shelves, counters and tables, while yellow decorates the impressive metal walls, which, together with the yellow podiums, make the place seem like an art gallery. The products in this shop are displayed alongside colouristic paintings and amazing ceramic artworks. This gallery feeling is emphasised in the folded and compressed raincoats that decorate the walls – a detail that complements the industrial factory-like shelves that integrate fluorescent lamps. We sanded and varnished the original floors, leaving the history intact and to underline the gallery atmosphere.

Together with the Rains team, De Arch has designed the interior, developed the inventory, and executed the entire interior. 


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